Friday, April 20, 2012


Native Medicinal Plant - Bloodroot
Except in the most extreme conditions our planet has to offer, plant life is all around us. From the tiniest plants underfoot to the giant trees towering overhead, they are there. Silently there. They are our green neighbors - and what good neighbors they are. They ask for nothing but to co-exist alongside of us in peace. In return, they give us life - they give us the oxygen we breathe, the foods we eat, medicines to heal our bodies, and the materials to clothe ourselves and to build homes.

Our Green Neighbors will be a place to find information about plants. It will range over quite a variety of topics: herbs, native plants, stewardship, gardening, seed saving, heirloom varieties, recipes, tips, photos, ethnobotany, and more. 

Our Green Neighbors will also have a weekly feature: Herb of the Week. That feature will include information and photos of a chosen herb. What is an "herb" you say? For purposes of Our Green Neighbors, it is a "useful" plant. In other words, it is a plant that can be used for a culinary purpose, medicine, color, aroma, and any number of utilitarian purposes. 

So visit often to learn about the kindly green neighbors just outside your door!