Monday, November 26, 2012

And so it begins....

Just before Thanksgiving I received my first two 2013 gardening catalogs. (Huge grin!) I so love this time of the year. I start getting all my various plant, seed, and gardening supply catalogs - and I do get dozens. Some vendors are deciding to cut their paper catalogs or won't send you the paper catalog if you order online. (I request them if I don't get my copy!) But I love the paper catalogs so much. I curl up on the couch with them and like Santa Claus, I "make my lists and check them twice." I see who has what varieties I want and offers the best prices. Who is offering "new" heirloom varieties - yeah, oxymoron intended! I take the catalogs in the car, to appointments, and where ever else I have to sit and wait for five minutes. It is one of the ways to pass the dark and quiet winter months that I look forward to each year.

I'm no newbie to technology - I've worked professionally with it for decades. I know how to use the new technologies and browse online catalogs plus I do place many of my seed/plant orders online. But most all of my plant and seed shopping is done on paper. The paper catalog still offers me an experience that no smart phone app can compare to. So I offer a warning to plant and seed vendors, if you decide to drop your print catalog to save the cost, you will probably end up loosing my business.